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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Here's a drawing I was working today! Hooray for me!

Long day. I should be sleeping. 1:39 am. Anyway...

SO Steph and me took Sarah and nephew Austin to see Elmo Gets His at Phillips Arena.

A screaming dancing war ensued that felt like it last seven shrill and freaky hours (2 in reality)
If she wasn't so freak'n cute...

Best memory; her seeing Ernie come out on stage and just wanting to run and hug him (I held her back, Ernie has enough Muppet Groupies).

Here are some picz of the disgusting rash on my arm that has matted my hair in congealed puss, and made every conversation mercifully short. I feel like a leper and when I shake hands with people they nearly vomit. HA HA HA!

Here I am picking a fight with planet earth! Grrrr!

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