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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Big empty space where there used to be a chicken

Yesterday I dropped the film off to get a decent burn to a DVD. Doing at home had proved to be frustrating. I could get it to come out okay, but just okay, while exporting it to a tape made it look awesome. SO I took the tape to Action Video here in Roswell, GA and told them to do their best, just make it look like the tape, and that will be that.

That’s that.

It took me a minute to leave the parking lot. I wanted to storm back in and snatch the tape and disk from him and run back home and find something to tweak. I wanted to pet the film some more. Suffocate it. Never let it out of the house. There is a point when you start damaging your kids by not letting them grow up.

I drove home and called producer Caruso, and she made me repeat over and over that the film was finished, and this was hard for me at first, but through repetition comes familiarity and then acceptance.

I’ll really know what is what once I see the transfer, if it looks like the tape, then I’ll burn some copies, send to festivals, shoot some to websites for review.

But today I’m visiting family and have nothing to do on the film. Yesterday after dropping it off I had nothing to do on the film. I slept harder that afternoon then I had in a year. The baby was off with family, and the movie was out of my hands. I didn’t have to be at work for another six hours, so I just fell over and hit a deep deep sleep.

I woke up, went to work, and my brain attached itself to the next idea like a wet gray parasite.

But I’m going to take a year to clear the shelf of ideas that have been collecting. Get the scripts written.

Back to the cave.

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