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Sunday, October 14, 2007

28 weeks later

a few quick thoughts on this,

this is my favorite new horror series

first series that is about how the world feels like it's falling apart

amazing feeling of helplessness in these films

i feel like it has given us a new asthetic as well

rooted in consumer tv feedback

there is a deliberate "crappiness" to the look of both films

though this one is film based, it shows alot of night vision video and security cam stuff.

blood and guts played realistic

it is more like watching CNN, then a horror film

all about blind anger, and how to fight this anger, control this anger

the cure is as ugly as the disease

loved that

in the end, the fascists are right, the good guys escape, but... maybe that wasn't the best thing for the planet.

Robert Carlyle should win an Oscar, he is scary good in this

all the family dynamics are perfect

I was completly with this film the whole way, despite "what's going on moments"

lots of infected escape a firebombing, and you wonder how, they lock the survivors away and forget to lock the back door, one of the best scenes in the movie, but damn, wish they'd thought of that.

I liked that they killed all the lkable people off, people trying to do the right thing being overwhelmed by the bottom line, the inhuman cure to save humanity.

This is about sacrificng identity to fal into the whole, going it alone, being a hero, is pointless and will end up making stuff worse.

Are we supposed to sit back and let the government take care of things, conform, give n, be complacent.

The first movie I feel said no, resistance to the hungrey military monster.

This one is yes, big brother is God and God knows what's best

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