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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Dragon Con 2007

So this happened!

ZombeEk! at Dragon Con 2007!

On September 1st we had a special “sneak in the back door” screening at Dragon Con. How did we do this? Someone felt pity on our film and let us show it. Do we accept pity? Oh hell yeah, pity is what we STRIVE for!

Anyway, in the film screening room, just before Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter we had our Dragon Con moment. Saturday Midnight it was. During the day me and Officer Fasmagger handed out fliers like religious devotees and smiled and yammered at the people with pointed ears and red Dawn wigs. Con is always a trip. The big theme this year was 300, as in people dressed like Spartans. You know your film has been adopted by the fan culture, placed into the mass imagination, when you are represented in fan costumes at Dragon Con. I was happy to see something other then Johnny Depp pirates.

So Fas and I passed out fliers and then settled down on some stools and basically enjoyed some beverages for the next three hours. Really had a great time just talking acting and filmmaking and how masochistic it all is.

At midnight I stumbled down to the screening room to check out who came, and there was a pretty good group. Unfortunately the sound was too low and everyone had to “pay attention” to hear everything. The Geico caveman kept walking out to tell people in the hall to shut up. Cavemen may be our audience!

So people where forgiving and laughed and seemed to dig it. I had wandered away after 15 minutes or so. I just can’t watch it right now. I wanted to see the Con goers.

Dragon Con at midnight is freaky. Geeks were lined up to be whipped by a dominatrix. Howling fans and Goth chicks leading Goth boys around with chain leashes (thank you 1997), and Jedi talking to Highlander Immortals. Peace and drunken fan appreciation. I can’t wait to sneak in next year!

Fightevil -SAM

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