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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Movies I would see...

... for the rest of the year, if I had time and money.

9/21 - Resident Evil 3: The Return of Russell Mulcahy
He made Razorback, thus we are all forever his bitches.

9/ - Postal
Uwe Boll is the only thing to see on this week of "important films". Plus, I liked House of the Dead, so...

10/5 -Finishing the Game
Sounds awesome, big kung fu Bruce Lee fan.

10/12 - Control
Love the time period, 24 Hour Party People, not the Joy Division fiend that some are, but intrigued and a good intro for me to the cult.

10/19 -30 Days of Night
The art made the book, but the story will work better as a film. I don't care, just please be scary. Haven't seen Hard Candy yet, looks screwed up!

10/26 - Saw 4
Crap, saw the last three, always at least 10 minutes worth of something screwed up.

11/02 - American Gangster
Big and beautiful and weighty. Sometimes it's just nice to sit back in a lemo and not worry if the sound mix is going to be off.

11/09 - Fred Claus
I liked Donnie Darko, I'm interested in Southland Tales, I like odd ball movies. But man Giamatti as Santa!!! Ho ho ho!!!

11/16 -Beowolf
Glover is grendal. The movie could be pure ass, I do not care. Glover is Grendal.

11/21 - The Mist
After waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and having the movie in my head for one thousand years, we will finally get to see it. Be calm. Be still. I'm just thinking this could be the most incredible film ever made. So, no danger of disappointment here.

11/30 - nada

12/07 - zilch

12/14 - I Am Legend
Biggest Matheson Fan Ever That Has Not Read This Story. Love Omega Man. Love Last Man on Earth. And Will Smith is so funny and charismatic! What better setting for him then a planet of bloodsuckers?

12/21 - Sweeny Todd
Tim Burton is the most imaginative person EVER BORN!

12/25 - Alien Vs. Predator 2
Finally, the movies that inspired so many generic sci-fi quickies gets the sci-fi quicky treatment. CG blood and Green guts, hunters and military stuff, man. Not much to say, I did like the last one though, damn it, and obligated to see this one or they'll make me turn in my fanboy card.


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