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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Pry it from my COLD DEAD HANDS!!!!

So I'm really finished. I've pushed it as far a I know how, and the last few passes have shown diminishing returns, actively having no effect or even making it worse, so I guess that's how you know you are done; when you start damaging the film by working on it you know that you are finished. And thus the process has led me to burning a decent DVD and start releasing this out to the planet in mass. Letting it out of the house is tough though. There is a peace in obsessing over something for so long. You become so immersed, surrounded in it, and all your actions become dictated by it. It's like prison, but also nice because all your decisions have been made for you. What are you doing tonight? Tweaking the sound mix, of coarse. What else is there. SO it will be nice to start rejoining the human race, seeing what's new with the world.

So there are still some issues.

1. render the wide screen version

2. burn back up disks

3. make a decent DVD (all have sucked so far, artifacts and the colors seem muted)

4. start up the distribution schema. (multipronged and warped)

We're having another screening coming soon at a little artist's space here in Atlanta. I think nothing says artistic statement like a killer chicken movie. We've also been invited to some horror fests, so that should be alot of fun. SO I see it like that. Time to sit back and watch peoples reactions. Or not. I might just hide in my cave and pet the PRECIOUS.

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