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Saturday, October 27, 2007

quck blurb

So finally I'vew made it through one hellish week to get to my wonderful wonderful 5 whole days off. SAYIN!!!

Now to overplan everything to the point of mania!!! Hooray!

Quick thoughts.

Hated this joyless, incomprehensible, horribly plotted, over produced, assembly line, suger spazz of pop drop and puke.

I had high hopes with Michael Bay directing, who understands how to shoot a big budget car commercial better then any one, and there are a few money shots, but you chop it up into a third of a second hyper blur, and then add Shea Laboof, and give everyone complete crud dialogue, and have no one see giant robots running by them, gosh. John Turturro could not save it, and I always thought he could do anything, he is the best thing in it, just cause he was Barton Fink, screw this movie. More childhood memories recycled for a quick payout.

G.I. Joe will be so much better, it could not be worse. Hell, let Nu Image shoot it in Bulgaria for Sci-Fi channel and have Casper Van Dein play Flint, it will be better then Transformers.

I did like Optimus' little speech in the end, but it was the longest shot in the movie. So maybe I could just tell what was going on.

Listen to Grampa complain, "all them MTV jumpy jumps make my bowls back up. Durn kids."

Other news, or maybe a list.

Priorties for the vacation:

Spend as much time soaking in the fam as possible.

Not letting work or obsessing get in the way of goofing off.

Take Steph out as much as poss.

Take Sarah out as much as poss.

Get some plan on the scripts

Sort the paperwork for Zombeak!

Mail out the last of the zombeak screeners.

Enjoy a cabin.

But, do not plan.

No plans.

Plans suck.

Showed Sarah the first forty minutes of Star Wars part 1, not episode 1, part 1 w/ Luke, Han and Lea, anyway, she was terrified and amazed. I forget but watching this movie with a child, you see it through their eyes, and you go, man this thing is on crack. The first Star Wars is so damn bizarre, it feels like a dream. Robots arguing and wizards and Vader crushing throats, it is almost like animation. It's pure imagination run rampant.

I have to rewatch the prequals with Sarah, and then again with the new baby, maybe then I will "get it".


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