Tuesday, October 20, 2009

1. clowns are made to wear surgical masks over their faces when working
around monkeys to help prevent the spread of the clown enzyme that the
clown nose creates.

2. monkeys carry these sterile masks with them wherever they go. And
are handing them out to clowns at all times.

3. Clown suits are sort of like biohazard suits, meant to contain the
clown sickness.

4. Some clowns refuse to wear the masks, especially after they got into
the "dark funny" stage, and these clowns are punished. It is seen as a
threat to society to even hint at infecting a monkey.

5. There are sleeper cells of clowns that plot on infecting huge groups
of monkeys. They of coarse are executed in severe spectacles of
violence and death.

6. If a clown chops off a monkey's hand and makes a wish on it while it
is still twitching, that clown's wish will come true.

7. If your monkey baby becomes infected and turns into a clown baby,
and you want to donate the baby to the search for the cure
of "clowness" there are baby clown drop boxes all over the city.
Scientist monkeys will collect your baby clown and use their DNA to
help find an antidote.

8. Clown are all about the funny, but secretly are very jealous of
other clowns, and every laugh given to another clown is a punch to
their face. Insanely competitive with one another and always plotting
to out do each other. Professional jealousy.

9. Monkeys all get along just fine except when they are teenagers and
looking for dates, then there is a lot of beating chests and snarling,
but it never gets "throw down" violent.

10. A drunken monkey is one pathetic site to behold. All that
repression just spews out in a geyser of bitterness.

11. bonus - a popular dish for monkeys eating out are anthills on a
platter. It is like a fondue type thing.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

1. http://ping.fm/cpfPw - hey, looking for some artistic
geniuses that are quick with a mouse, here you can post you jobs over
to SCAD, we have one in the Atlanta metro area! Woot! Currently seeking
a bright shining star who wants to show off their compositing and pixel
tracking skills.

2. The writing plan – ten pages on the second Tuesday of each month,
that way I can have them read at the Blank Page Screenwriters group. So
far the actors are all about it.

3. Here's our new log line: CLOWN VERSUS MONKEY – A story of end times
in the land of make believe where fascist monkeys and anarchist clowns
tear away at each other as the society they created dissolves into

4. I wonder about Second Life. Can I have a cultist in second life
walking around handing out Clown Versus Monkey fliers? I've talked to
Jeff our PR guy and Jeff is all about looking into it.

5. I know the first and last shot of the movie. It has to do with work

6. http://ping.fm/UeZrh
- this is a big thing in the movie, how clowns reject their clownness.

7. We are going to tie this into a not for profit charity. 25 percent
of the presales goes toward the... for the ... what would be the best

8. New artwork in from Tracy and jaX, To be posted soon.

9. Dave Linderbury has introduced me to the solution to all questions
when it comes to clown make up.

10. The flash animation trailer is almost ready, just a few more images
to add and embed a link to the site and you will see this floating
around the web supa-highway!

Thanks jaX! Join the gorilla warfare!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Where the clowns read depressing poetry and force the clowns into
suicide by not laughing at their routines.
The process is processing.


Monday, October 12, 2009

1. I sent out feelers this morning on getting studio space for
recording the dialog. Some home studios are nice, clean, advanced,
quiet, and affordable. More so it will insure we're not throwing away
any effort on a poor recording.

2. Met with writer Josh Ford and his lady Brenda last night and it was
great how their past theater work fits what CVM is. This will be a
powerful collaboration, I can FEEEEEL it! He already has several ideas
for these little vignettes we'll be shooting.

3. I am foreseeing the need for a total of 8 actors; four men, four
women to record the voices.

4. We now have a Clown Versus Monkey page on Facebook! Check that out!

5. One for Zombeak too! Check that out!


6. We have set up ads through the Facebook ad program and that is the
bomb! You just put in whatever your target audience is and what you
want to pay, and hit go! It can be as cheep as one dollar a day!
Already we've gotten some fans, and I don't even know these people!

7. Clown costume is underway. Connie Barker Allman is taking it on and
making it happen. She did miracles on Zombeak, handling everything from
costumes, casting director, and providing the Necronomicon that her
husband Illya created. They also made us (as in hammered the metal from
a railroad tie) a mystical dagger for that show. They also let us
rehearse in their house every Saturday night for six weeks leading up
to the shoot. So I am partial to them both.

8. Every prop in this film will be a pen scribble, and we will pixel
track them in to the character's hands.

9. About the world, clown anarchists use bombs of laughing gas to wipe
out large crowds of monkeys, turning them all into clowns.

10. Clown therapy – going to a shrink to let go of old life and begin
new life, those who can not adjust end in him chopping off nose, become
vacant, going to cube of pain

11. BONUS - CLOWN LIFE CYCLE > idealism > frustration > desperation >
bitterness > starvation > teething(biting monkeys) > death

12. SUPA-BONUS. There are bozadone clinics for clowns who have lost
their lids and all their inspiration. Keeps them in a sedate state of
numb complacency, they hang out in ice cream shops all day. Eventually
it has no effect and they snap and steel others ideas. Then it is off
to the asylum. bozadone comes from clowns who have lost their noses and
work in cube dungeons.


Thursday, October 08, 2009

Multimedia message

Multimedia message

The rejected clowns go into a cube (laugh bank) to write uninspired
jokes for free clowns that are condensed into a drug that keeps the
clowns down. They are motivated to write by terror and pain inflicted
from monkey managers.

There is an industry of pain to keep monkeys from laughing (drugs and
self mutilation products)

A clown denies his clowniness by chopping off his nose. Then it is off
to the laugh bank.

Clowns live on opposite ends of society, they run all the large
businesses and hold the highest government offices or they are begging
street performers, everything in the middle is a monkey.

A clown that can stay off chemicals becomes very powerful.

Monkeys are not allowed to make their baby monkeys laugh for fear that
they will become clowns. There is a whole industry of passive neglect
baby items.

A monkey who does not want to keep their child will make them laugh in
order to turn them into a clown.

Then they are sent off to "the circus"; giant big top communities where
clowns live.

Teenage monkeys will piss off their parents by dressing like clowns.

Clowns will target enemy monkeys and isolate them, and make them laugh
until they become clowns. Usually in dark basements.

Bonus – Monkeys go to these beatnik bars to read really depressing
poetry to one another. They will invite a clown to perform knowing that
they will not laugh and if a clown does not get a single laugh on a
staged performance they must kill them selves immediately after the

Bonus Bonus – clowns take these killer gigs because they get so
desperate for attention that they loose all sense. A clown needs an
audience and needs laughter or they start getting violent.
fightevilclownmonkeys sd
Here is the plan, Actors - we need a lot of voice actors for the
various dialog days, only a maximum of four for the greenscreen days.
The amount will depend naturally on what scene we are doing.Just let me
know which days you'd be available (totally foreseeable!) and I can
work up a personal schedule for you to come perform. Each actor will
play various parts. Crew - For greenscreen days, a small tight nit
group consisting of a Cameraman, assistant camera, make up, and two
PAs. For dialog days, crew can just take a day to relax and go fishing.
DATES! The general rule is third Sundays for dialog, forth Sundays for
greenscreen. Off in December, no need to ruin families over some Clowns
and Monkeys. As a base we will run from noon until 6pm with Sunday
Pasta for Dialog days, and pizza for greenscreen days. D=dialog
G=Greenscreen 1. 11/22/09 - D 2. 11/29/09 - G 3. 1/24/10 - D 4. 1/31/10
- G 5. 2/21/10 - D 6. 2/28/10 - G 7. 3/21/10 - D 8. 3/28/10 - G 9.
4/18/10 - D 10. 4/25/10 - G 11. 5/23/10 - D 12. 5/30/10 - G 13. 6/20/10
- D 14. 6/27/10 - G 15. 7/18/10 - D 16 7/25/10 - G Our After Effects
guru will be compositing the shots and I will be editing during the
month. The film will be shown in disconnected clips on the internet as
they are completed. We polish for two months and premier on 10/30/10 at
midnight! So the format we are shooting in is very understanding if you
can only show up once or for every date. All the actors will be in
suits, their faces wearing masks (think Greek), I understand there will
be some rotation. Walk with the project for as long as you can, and
when you have to put it down, do so and I will admire you for what you
have contributed. John

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

1. The first concept art and back grounds came in and with it a flood
of positivity. The more people can picture what we are doing, the more
they will get swept up in CVM hysteria!

2. Jerry White, who is just coming off Macbeth, is introducing me to
some really top drawer talent to do voices and don the suit come shoot
time. The acting must be strong because we are going for very natural
performances, very conversational and not "actorly". Like the
conversations in "The Shining" or "The Straight Story" or a Charlie
Rose episode. Conversations that take their time and breathe. They need
to anchor the film, so we don't go flying off into Schumacher Batman
territory. I just Facebooked two of them, thanks Jerry!

3. The transitions between scenes will be done with sound becoming more
and less dense. Think Exorcist, but we go silent to silent, loud to
loud, the density slowly building and ebbing between scenes, the
transitions happening on the peaks and valleys. Hypnotic.

4. I am making a flash animated commercial for the movie that will go
out on the updates and get people all crazy. It's a class project that
I am retrofitting for CVM's devious intentions. I did the storyboards

5. Made a big connection in my head today on the connection between
clowns and monkeys. Talked to the writer, he's down with it and we are
on the same page.

6. Meeting writer again on Sunday, cancelled last Sunday due to giant
inflatable jumpy things and my kids excited eyes, and who am I to deny
children one of the basic pleasures of life. Inflatable Jumpy Things.
Josh was all about it and we are going with the flow. But he just wrote
me some scene ideas and they are mofo on the money.

7. I have a lead on some seamstresses courtesy of Connie Alman who
performed countless miracles on Zombeak as our casting director and her
husband Illya made a lot of props and got a horrible rash for us back
in hardcore'04.

8. Getting a definite shooting schedule down, confirmed with green
screen Matt the Man about switching to Sundays and so it will be
Sundays. Actual written dates coming. A lot more people available on

9. I have written a new donation schedule to post at fundable.com to
bring in the budget! It will be there by Friday.

10. Confirmed with Nancy Miller that we should indeed confer once
Halloween is up. She is big into Netherworld Haunted House. She was
another saving grace on Zombeak. She does it all and does it all with
awesome infused.
Take it easy + Talk to ya later = Take to ya easy

Monday, October 05, 2009

As jaX calls it, Hot Monkey on Clown Action, Here are two versions of
an insane clown who's overloaded on other clown's inspiration being
hauled off to the asylum by a handler monkey. Just love the love and
keeping on loving cause that is where it's at! Clown or Monkey. You
decide! SD

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Greetings and salutations,
I present the first background for CVM!
This will be the main set for the story line where monkey parents buy a
torture shed after their monkey kid is kidnapped by clowns. Clowns do
this to monkeys a lot and it is a Monkey's duty to torture clowns for
info. Clowns share a hive mind. The clown gets loose and infects the
monkeys with clown venom, and when the kid is returned home he comes
back to twisted tormented clown/monkey hybrids.
So far, so awesome.
1. Art work is being produced for the CVM book, the film's backgrounds,
and for sale at the zazzle site (to be posted soon) 2. Our first mass
update is going out tomorrow morning, and it will be an intro to the
horror/clown/monkey blogs on what this project is.3. I am meeting the
writer Josh Ford today, who seems like a chill dude with a nose for
weird. 4. Spoke with jaX yesterday about clowns, and we decided that
clowns are deseased and their make up is their white anemic skin and
red birthmarks, making them clown-like. I was thinking Gorbachev. The
multiple mouths on the insane clowns will be done ala Clutch Cargo. 5.
Our costume design consultant Christina Rumery kicked all forms of butt
and is ready to get all supplies for the clown costume, russled up an
entire supply list in less then twenty four hours and gave invaluable
guidance in it's construction. 6. Pushing the shoot date up a month has
got everyone breathing easier.7. I am almost done with school, so the
cvm website will be getting a rad face lift soon.8. I will be putting
out a call for seamstresses and After Effect gurus this week. 9. We
will be work shopping the script at Blank Page Screenwriters group. -
http://ping.fm/vlhCW 10. Hot pink monkey, where for
art though? The second Halloween is out, I am hitting the supply shops
all hardcore g-style. Good idea for a movie, a heist film set at a
Halloween store, on Halloween night, but the owners are Satanists, and
the thieves are up against all the decorations and costumes that come
to life! Boo!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

1. Found a writer, Josh Ford who wrote an awesome zombie script called
“Flesh”. It was hysterical and disgusting, and I can tell this dude
watches the same movies I do. Romero High School. So we’re going to
bang together Clowns and Monkeys and see what crazy stuff happens.

2. Found a great actor, Jerry White who knows a ton of others that he’s
going to tell the movie about, and he has experience in ‘30s radio
drama reenactments, and that is perfect since all the dialogue is going
to be prerecorded around a nice friendly kitchen table with wine and
nuts and creepy ambiance.

3. Told costume designer Chris Rumery all about the chroma green screen
clown suit we need to make. We’ll see if she can create it for the
budget we have. It will be like her Project Runway, but designing for

4. Reconnected with Randy Stewart and he wants to light the film, and I
want him to do it, so we may have to shuffle the schedule to get him in
the room. He’s a walking film tech encyclopedia and a rolling studio.
His tech van is legendary and saved Zombeak from being a flick lit with
one aluminum clip light hooked to a step ladder to actual gels and
c-stands and all other sorts of toys and gizmos that took it to the
next level.

5. Met the director of Lynch Mob and he seemed like a cool dude, very
Kevin Spacy like.

6. Found great cheep latex masks that will be perfect for the clown
heads, I will just need to repaint them all with creepy designs all
over them.

7. Received a great write up from a marketing guru on an investment
package I am going to start sending around to various companies who
would like to advertise through CVM.

8. I can now use the Blank Page Screenwriters Group to run pages of the
script before we shoot. Thanks Brent Brooks.

9. I realized I can use this web design thing as a bartering chip.

10. Talked to Yarkoni all about background colors for clowns and

11. On a personal note, my wife secured some awesome office space for
her to begin her hypnotherapy practice. She’s really on fire about this
and it’s crazy effective. Anything you are trying to over come,
achieve, conquer, she can help. www.hypnosteph.com

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