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Thursday, October 08, 2009

The rejected clowns go into a cube (laugh bank) to write uninspired
jokes for free clowns that are condensed into a drug that keeps the
clowns down. They are motivated to write by terror and pain inflicted
from monkey managers.

There is an industry of pain to keep monkeys from laughing (drugs and
self mutilation products)

A clown denies his clowniness by chopping off his nose. Then it is off
to the laugh bank.

Clowns live on opposite ends of society, they run all the large
businesses and hold the highest government offices or they are begging
street performers, everything in the middle is a monkey.

A clown that can stay off chemicals becomes very powerful.

Monkeys are not allowed to make their baby monkeys laugh for fear that
they will become clowns. There is a whole industry of passive neglect
baby items.

A monkey who does not want to keep their child will make them laugh in
order to turn them into a clown.

Then they are sent off to "the circus"; giant big top communities where
clowns live.

Teenage monkeys will piss off their parents by dressing like clowns.

Clowns will target enemy monkeys and isolate them, and make them laugh
until they become clowns. Usually in dark basements.

Bonus – Monkeys go to these beatnik bars to read really depressing
poetry to one another. They will invite a clown to perform knowing that
they will not laugh and if a clown does not get a single laugh on a
staged performance they must kill them selves immediately after the

Bonus Bonus – clowns take these killer gigs because they get so
desperate for attention that they loose all sense. A clown needs an
audience and needs laughter or they start getting violent.
fightevilclownmonkeys sd

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