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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Here is the plan, Actors - we need a lot of voice actors for the
various dialog days, only a maximum of four for the greenscreen days.
The amount will depend naturally on what scene we are doing.Just let me
know which days you'd be available (totally foreseeable!) and I can
work up a personal schedule for you to come perform. Each actor will
play various parts. Crew - For greenscreen days, a small tight nit
group consisting of a Cameraman, assistant camera, make up, and two
PAs. For dialog days, crew can just take a day to relax and go fishing.
DATES! The general rule is third Sundays for dialog, forth Sundays for
greenscreen. Off in December, no need to ruin families over some Clowns
and Monkeys. As a base we will run from noon until 6pm with Sunday
Pasta for Dialog days, and pizza for greenscreen days. D=dialog
G=Greenscreen 1. 11/22/09 - D 2. 11/29/09 - G 3. 1/24/10 - D 4. 1/31/10
- G 5. 2/21/10 - D 6. 2/28/10 - G 7. 3/21/10 - D 8. 3/28/10 - G 9.
4/18/10 - D 10. 4/25/10 - G 11. 5/23/10 - D 12. 5/30/10 - G 13. 6/20/10
- D 14. 6/27/10 - G 15. 7/18/10 - D 16 7/25/10 - G Our After Effects
guru will be compositing the shots and I will be editing during the
month. The film will be shown in disconnected clips on the internet as
they are completed. We polish for two months and premier on 10/30/10 at
midnight! So the format we are shooting in is very understanding if you
can only show up once or for every date. All the actors will be in
suits, their faces wearing masks (think Greek), I understand there will
be some rotation. Walk with the project for as long as you can, and
when you have to put it down, do so and I will admire you for what you
have contributed. John

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