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Monday, October 12, 2009

1. I sent out feelers this morning on getting studio space for
recording the dialog. Some home studios are nice, clean, advanced,
quiet, and affordable. More so it will insure we're not throwing away
any effort on a poor recording.

2. Met with writer Josh Ford and his lady Brenda last night and it was
great how their past theater work fits what CVM is. This will be a
powerful collaboration, I can FEEEEEL it! He already has several ideas
for these little vignettes we'll be shooting.

3. I am foreseeing the need for a total of 8 actors; four men, four
women to record the voices.

4. We now have a Clown Versus Monkey page on Facebook! Check that out!

5. One for Zombeak too! Check that out!

6. We have set up ads through the Facebook ad program and that is the
bomb! You just put in whatever your target audience is and what you
want to pay, and hit go! It can be as cheep as one dollar a day!
Already we've gotten some fans, and I don't even know these people!

7. Clown costume is underway. Connie Barker Allman is taking it on and
making it happen. She did miracles on Zombeak, handling everything from
costumes, casting director, and providing the Necronomicon that her
husband Illya created. They also made us (as in hammered the metal from
a railroad tie) a mystical dagger for that show. They also let us
rehearse in their house every Saturday night for six weeks leading up
to the shoot. So I am partial to them both.

8. Every prop in this film will be a pen scribble, and we will pixel
track them in to the character's hands.

9. About the world, clown anarchists use bombs of laughing gas to wipe
out large crowds of monkeys, turning them all into clowns.

10. Clown therapy – going to a shrink to let go of old life and begin
new life, those who can not adjust end in him chopping off nose, become
vacant, going to cube of pain

11. BONUS - CLOWN LIFE CYCLE > idealism > frustration > desperation >
bitterness > starvation > teething(biting monkeys) > death

12. SUPA-BONUS. There are bozadone clinics for clowns who have lost
their lids and all their inspiration. Keeps them in a sedate state of
numb complacency, they hang out in ice cream shops all day. Eventually
it has no effect and they snap and steel others ideas. Then it is off
to the asylum. bozadone comes from clowns who have lost their noses and
work in cube dungeons.


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