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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

1. The first concept art and back grounds came in and with it a flood
of positivity. The more people can picture what we are doing, the more
they will get swept up in CVM hysteria!

2. Jerry White, who is just coming off Macbeth, is introducing me to
some really top drawer talent to do voices and don the suit come shoot
time. The acting must be strong because we are going for very natural
performances, very conversational and not "actorly". Like the
conversations in "The Shining" or "The Straight Story" or a Charlie
Rose episode. Conversations that take their time and breathe. They need
to anchor the film, so we don't go flying off into Schumacher Batman
territory. I just Facebooked two of them, thanks Jerry!

3. The transitions between scenes will be done with sound becoming more
and less dense. Think Exorcist, but we go silent to silent, loud to
loud, the density slowly building and ebbing between scenes, the
transitions happening on the peaks and valleys. Hypnotic.

4. I am making a flash animated commercial for the movie that will go
out on the updates and get people all crazy. It's a class project that
I am retrofitting for CVM's devious intentions. I did the storyboards

5. Made a big connection in my head today on the connection between
clowns and monkeys. Talked to the writer, he's down with it and we are
on the same page.

6. Meeting writer again on Sunday, cancelled last Sunday due to giant
inflatable jumpy things and my kids excited eyes, and who am I to deny
children one of the basic pleasures of life. Inflatable Jumpy Things.
Josh was all about it and we are going with the flow. But he just wrote
me some scene ideas and they are mofo on the money.

7. I have a lead on some seamstresses courtesy of Connie Alman who
performed countless miracles on Zombeak as our casting director and her
husband Illya made a lot of props and got a horrible rash for us back
in hardcore'04.

8. Getting a definite shooting schedule down, confirmed with green
screen Matt the Man about switching to Sundays and so it will be
Sundays. Actual written dates coming. A lot more people available on

9. I have written a new donation schedule to post at to
bring in the budget! It will be there by Friday.

10. Confirmed with Nancy Miller that we should indeed confer once
Halloween is up. She is big into Netherworld Haunted House. She was
another saving grace on Zombeak. She does it all and does it all with
awesome infused.

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