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Sunday, October 18, 2009

1. - hey, looking for some artistic
geniuses that are quick with a mouse, here you can post you jobs over
to SCAD, we have one in the Atlanta metro area! Woot! Currently seeking
a bright shining star who wants to show off their compositing and pixel
tracking skills.

2. The writing plan – ten pages on the second Tuesday of each month,
that way I can have them read at the Blank Page Screenwriters group. So
far the actors are all about it.

3. Here's our new log line: CLOWN VERSUS MONKEY – A story of end times
in the land of make believe where fascist monkeys and anarchist clowns
tear away at each other as the society they created dissolves into

4. I wonder about Second Life. Can I have a cultist in second life
walking around handing out Clown Versus Monkey fliers? I've talked to
Jeff our PR guy and Jeff is all about looking into it.

5. I know the first and last shot of the movie. It has to do with work

- this is a big thing in the movie, how clowns reject their clownness.

7. We are going to tie this into a not for profit charity. 25 percent
of the presales goes toward the... for the ... what would be the best

8. New artwork in from Tracy and jaX, To be posted soon.

9. Dave Linderbury has introduced me to the solution to all questions
when it comes to clown make up.

10. The flash animation trailer is almost ready, just a few more images
to add and embed a link to the site and you will see this floating
around the web supa-highway!


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