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Sunday, October 04, 2009

1. Art work is being produced for the CVM book, the film's backgrounds,
and for sale at the zazzle site (to be posted soon) 2. Our first mass
update is going out tomorrow morning, and it will be an intro to the
horror/clown/monkey blogs on what this project is.3. I am meeting the
writer Josh Ford today, who seems like a chill dude with a nose for
weird. 4. Spoke with jaX yesterday about clowns, and we decided that
clowns are deseased and their make up is their white anemic skin and
red birthmarks, making them clown-like. I was thinking Gorbachev. The
multiple mouths on the insane clowns will be done ala Clutch Cargo. 5.
Our costume design consultant Christina Rumery kicked all forms of butt
and is ready to get all supplies for the clown costume, russled up an
entire supply list in less then twenty four hours and gave invaluable
guidance in it's construction. 6. Pushing the shoot date up a month has
got everyone breathing easier.7. I am almost done with school, so the
cvm website will be getting a rad face lift soon.8. I will be putting
out a call for seamstresses and After Effect gurus this week. 9. We
will be work shopping the script at Blank Page Screenwriters group. - 10. Hot pink monkey, where for
art though? The second Halloween is out, I am hitting the supply shops
all hardcore g-style. Good idea for a movie, a heist film set at a
Halloween store, on Halloween night, but the owners are Satanists, and
the thieves are up against all the decorations and costumes that come
to life! Boo!

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