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Thursday, October 01, 2009

1. Found a writer, Josh Ford who wrote an awesome zombie script called
“Flesh”. It was hysterical and disgusting, and I can tell this dude
watches the same movies I do. Romero High School. So we’re going to
bang together Clowns and Monkeys and see what crazy stuff happens.

2. Found a great actor, Jerry White who knows a ton of others that he’s
going to tell the movie about, and he has experience in ‘30s radio
drama reenactments, and that is perfect since all the dialogue is going
to be prerecorded around a nice friendly kitchen table with wine and
nuts and creepy ambiance.

3. Told costume designer Chris Rumery all about the chroma green screen
clown suit we need to make. We’ll see if she can create it for the
budget we have. It will be like her Project Runway, but designing for

4. Reconnected with Randy Stewart and he wants to light the film, and I
want him to do it, so we may have to shuffle the schedule to get him in
the room. He’s a walking film tech encyclopedia and a rolling studio.
His tech van is legendary and saved Zombeak from being a flick lit with
one aluminum clip light hooked to a step ladder to actual gels and
c-stands and all other sorts of toys and gizmos that took it to the
next level.

5. Met the director of Lynch Mob and he seemed like a cool dude, very
Kevin Spacy like.

6. Found great cheep latex masks that will be perfect for the clown
heads, I will just need to repaint them all with creepy designs all
over them.

7. Received a great write up from a marketing guru on an investment
package I am going to start sending around to various companies who
would like to advertise through CVM.

8. I can now use the Blank Page Screenwriters Group to run pages of the
script before we shoot. Thanks Brent Brooks.

9. I realized I can use this web design thing as a bartering chip.

10. Talked to Yarkoni all about background colors for clowns and

11. On a personal note, my wife secured some awesome office space for
her to begin her hypnotherapy practice. She’s really on fire about this
and it’s crazy effective. Anything you are trying to over come,
achieve, conquer, she can help.

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