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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween 08

Nuts nuts nuts nuts nuits nats nazamba.
7am - Took Paul to hospital
12am - Surgery over, doc was an ass, said inside where covered in "glue" and that it was exceeding hard to remove gallbladder.
2pm - Recovery over, drove Kroger to fill perscription.
3pm - Home finally, now get house ready for people coming over, Steph is going crazy with all the sick people and little babies all over the house.
3:30 pm - Paul is bleeding all over himself. Freak! We call the doc,he's still an ass but reassures us that this is normal happy bleeding.
4:30 pm - Sarah is so excited to trickertreat!
5pm - Find out that I need to send another trailer to york as a WMV file. No time!
6pm - mike is over, we all start eating chips/salsa.
7pm - As it gets dark,I take Sarah around, this is the best part of the day as it feels how Halloween used to, the neighborhood is really cool, and Sarah had a blast. She went as Elmo.
9pm - "checked" candy, put Sarah to bed. She was over tired and freaked. No story, deal with it.
10pm - set up projector and started watching Exorcism of Emily Rose (loveit)
11pm - asleep on the floor 'cuz I'm that old

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