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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

quick rundown


- The lead actress had some big collagen lips that stole all her scenes.

- Jeffery Combs is awesome in everything and I liked his body language in this.

- Robert Forsythe was fun, but needed a sports bra.

- The plot is a creepy dad tries to get his super creepy kid laid.

- I liked the really bad acting of the girl who would not take off her high heels. She was Romanian trying to sound Valley. AWESOME!

- Beware the mud puddles, there be sharks in there.

- Here comes Super Chopper, Moo! Moo!

DARKON thoughts

- What an awesome documentary. Buy it! I think LARPing is hysterical, but after this doc I really understand it better and see that it is a strike against suburban banality just like a lot of pursuits. A lot like filmmaking. Silly but still a lot of egos.

-Foam rubber troll and their little castle was DABOMB!

ZOMBEAK thoughts

- thinking about how we played Make Believe and videotaped it. Children do it all the time. Its silly that people take it all so seriously and get so stressed out, myself included. Now that it is receding into the past I am gaining perspective on the whole thing.


- great little twist in the middle presented itself that makes me excited. The idea is where do the figments of your imagination go when you are not thinking about them. What do they do all day?

WORK thoughts

- Late this morning, few people here, every one has taken the day off. Could not wake up after late night. The sound of coffee pot freaked me out. I thought it was rats going through the garbage!

COFFEE thoughts

- I spread the word of the Iced Americano where ever I go. It is my mission and my ministry.


- We had a great night last night just hanging around the house and watching The Office.

WRITING thoughts

- I love writing in the journal and saving the blog for world announcements. I forget how cathartic it can be to vent on a page and then look at it and see how benign and impotent rage is. Pretty amusing stuff.

MOVIE thoughts

- hope to get out and see the new bond this long weekend.

FRIEND thoughts

- its amazing how you can pick up right where you left off with people. Talked to Seth H. the other day for the first time in a year and it was great to hear from him. These people were there during some really formative and decisive years and its always good to reestablish those ties.

QC REPORT thoughts

Lots of books but no actual example!?! Love it!



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