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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

QC - the lingering booger on my finger

Can things get nastier?

I doubt it.

Good news- the Shatter Monkey treatment is done, and it is closer to what I had intended then the previous drafts, but I really should just forget the whole what I intended shtick and just let it do what it is supposed to do.

Weird News QC report keeps popping up. I may have to get them to ship back the digital betas if they are unwilling to run their own. AND if they run their own, who knows what they could say. AND these Digital Betas and QC reports will be very expensive.

BUT! I will not even consider this until I have to. I expect that they will send back the DB and I will run the QC and then ship it back and life will be good. Then it will be over! No BFD.

I will have finished Zombeak!

OR! They will run the QC and everything will be fine and we will be finished.

OR! They will say dont worry about it. And release it anyway.

OR! I will find a QC report on line and send it to them. Hmmm. Maybe someone who has had one run before could email one to me to go by. Hmmmm.


PS- I will never eat fast food again. I feel like crap and do not have time to wallow in my own spew like the oldn times.

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