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Friday, November 21, 2008


So here we go
Sugar high, sugar low crash crash crash splat! Create space. Too much
clutter filling every sing inch of your mind and heart. Too busy filling
it up, empty it out, always throwing parties to cover the silence,
yelling into the chasm, but the hour can stretch on and on and on until
it snaps and becomes meaningless, I want to put it all on direct
deposit, automatic withdrawl, so I don't have to worry about it,
preprogrammed automation, run program, shoot it out into space, isolate,
jettison from the mothership, watch it spiral away harmless, Darkon is
an awesome doc, right up there with American Movie...
Twisted transistors

Roller rink ballroom robot rock-n-sock bumper ballet

Ho-down for lepers with body parts flying off into the hay

Collage professor with no clue on the subject, making it up and no one
questioning, history and fact being replaced by half assed theories and
musings from the wind.

Robots become hyper analytical and take forever to do anything. Like the
Mars rover.

A club where the adrenaline comes from the fact that there are snipers
in the rafters who pick off random people.

A cooking show where the chef kills and preps the assistant or a member
of the studio audience.

A son inherits a raving spirit when his father dies. Meets at the
funeral, and then it follows him home.

A bartender starts slowly poisoning his clientele with all sorts of
funky stuff, some of it supernatural.

....anyway, isolate, disassociate, surround it in space and look at how
insignificant it is. No BFD.

Radioactive Mime

Facebook is not for me. It makes me feel creepy(ier).

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