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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Name is Luka

Man, I am feeling the freak today.

-illusion vs. delusion all about the weight you put to it, but the same thing, psychic constructs hiding something inconceivable.

-Make Believe

-Play pretend.

-nothing real is ever lost

-drawing and writing at the Starbucks for lunch, I dig being antisocial.

- up early, made the house breakfast, eggs bacon chicken coffee, chocolate milk,

-gave Steph and Angela sister in law chi fraps I saved from work, Angela is in a deep funk from her foot and Steph is exhausted from running the lunatic farm.

-Steph really thought I forgot the anniversary, but she woke to find it all set up on the toilet. The toilet givith and the toilet takith away is the joke. It had been awhile since the toilet had givith so I think she was surprised. 8 years wed, 9 years together. DATS CRAZAY!

-tonight its all about rasslin the kids and have to be up a 6am, so bed early, man I am danger dog.

- Cameron up 3 times last night, boy can scream a pitch that makes the brain hemorrhage.

-shatter monkey really coming along, finally getting some headway, these things come out when they are ready, plus I have more head room these days.

-got a thanksgiving letter from the Zombeak distributor saying that the market is rough but they have ten markets in 09 and are feeling good about life. They wished happy holidays and that was cool. Im just going to emit good vibes and see what happens.

-really doing is such a little part of life, the empty space between events is where all the good stuff happens and where you spend most of your time. Its like the movie The Hours. I like the vacume. Doing is a drag, necessary in getting to the vacume, find the big vacume in doing.



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