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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


A nice blog entry, I may subscribe,
and to support it, the meat:
Wall-E over the weekend, basically it's a bunch of San Fran mac snobs saying, "Hey fatso, why don't you put down the big gulp, stop with the instant messaging, and go plant a tree or something!" Thanks for that, I love it when animators tell me how I should live. I'm sure that pile of Mountain Dew bottles under their work stations is just some visual reference model/ inspirational installation. So when they start doing their own inbetweens then they can start lecturing me on how lazy the planet has become.
Besides that, a fun little movie about the end of civilization where no one talks and everything is brown. Then an iBook comes down and whisks our hero to a space ship where everything is gray and white. And there is a cool captain's wheel with the HAL 9000 at the center. We end up back on earth and everyone is happy and into gardening. And at two hours, man, the two kids and Steph were RIVETED! This marks the second time I should have seen Kung Fu Panda instead (The Happening being the first). I don't know why I would ever hesitate to see a Kung Fu Panda, I must be afraid to party.
I called in to work because Steph has a sinus infection and was sick as hell, so I watched babies and let me tell you, caring for a toddler and infant is like tapdancing to appease two lunatics. Nothing can describe the madness, and then you want to sleep, and you NEVER CAN! I used to see people at the mall with bald gray heads and guts and 1000 yard stares and wonder what the hell happens to you when you become an adult. Kids happen. They drive you crazy, you put them to bed, GOOD RIDDANCE! And five seconds later you miss them. It's a sick sickness for sickos. Glutton for punishment.
Smile, you're fighting evil!

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