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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Dude, Where's My Movie?

To make a Digital Betacam of your movie in PAL and NTSC costs 400 dollars.

400 Donuts.

400 Junior Cheeseburgers

400 Sausage Biscuits

400 Large Ice Teas.

400 Blows

Anyway, expensive, but just one of those damn things you cant get around.

Antiquated though.

Seems sending them an AVI file would be the better way to go.



So now we need to do a new trailer cut, one with more story, they want to see if I got it in me.

Copyright report.

Quality Report from a lab (lab, thats funny).

Synch Agreement from the composer (something in addition to the scrawled in blood agreement we had).

And thats really it.

I sent the DigiBs to the THEM this morning, along with time coded screeners and a bunch of stills (what few we had, kick self in head).

That little list seems insane.

There was a sad moment sending it off, like sending a kid off to college.

Or your gimpy nephew off to the circus.

Whatever, but I reminded myself of all the pain and suffering still to come cutting trailers and making of docs for the internet.

Not to mention future films.

Not to mention the slow march to the grave!

Still have to figure out what the heck a copyright report is and how you get one.

Yea! Frustration!


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