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Sunday, July 06, 2008


So the fam has gone to mother in laws and I have the whole day (minus mass) to eat Chinese food, watch on the tube (sleepwalkers is on) and transcribe the movie for our potential gent in waiting.


Dolling up the whore for her night on the town! Har har har!


Anyway, I’m not going to make any big announcement on the current developments until I see a defiantly definite, but we will say I’m learning a lot about this part of the process that no one ever talks about. This blog will be a good source if I ever do decide to write a book on underground filmmaking (not enough on those, wink).


Anyway, I have to transcribe the film to SMPTE time code, something I sort of already did in looping, but now I need to make it pretty.


Shouldn’t take forever, just until Christmas.


Embrace the Horror

Sam Drog

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