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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Self Fulfilling Prophecy

Man I am sleepy today; just feel like a sock at the bottom of the drier.

I have a good bit to do at the day gig today, sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Throw noise at people and it will feel like weight.

I have some training to do, so I better find my brain, but where I left it is anyone’s guess.

Where did you last see it?

-If I knew that I wouldn’t be asking you.

Don’t get defensive.

-Don’t call me names.


-Eat me.


-Good luck with that.


-Told ya.

How are you moving?

-Don’t know.

This is weird.

- Probably.

This may be the way I write the next thing, now called Clown vs. Monkey or CVM for the Burger King cup promotion.

The Shatter Monkey script always tried to have clowns in it, so durn it, let there be clowns.

That story will become the overlying character arch set against the ongoing war between clown and monkey.

I may write it all as dialogue and then remove the dialogue, leaving people just doing stuff.

So I finished one annoying project and now I’m writing tickets for it.

THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING DAY OF MY LIFE (just putting that into the universe)

If someone I know says “In a nutshell” one more time, I may…


About those Alpha accounts you handled yesterday…


No Alpha.

-Oh, I was about to say I ain’t ever heard of no Apple.

These Alpha accounts…

-I was like, is she going to give me an apple?

-Cause apples are delicious.


- I Looooooooooves me some apples.

Are you.

- Apple Pie, heated on the grill, some butter, mm.

These Alpha accounts.

- I’m hungry now. You got me thinking about apples girl!


-My blood sugar gets low I ain’t good for nobody.

Lata Killaz


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