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Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh Zombeak, Where For Art Thou?

So today, early this morning we sent DR. DISTRIBO the synopsis in three various lengths, something I was supposed to do a while back, but was too scattered to do so. It really is something that should go in the press kit, but ya know, after having it in my brain for 5 years to then retroactivlty go backa nd sum up what it is about more then chicken kills people was tough.

Mainly it takes clearing the books and sitting down to do it in a nice quiet enviroment. HA!

So the next thing, the very next thing, is the trailer redo. A new trailer that makes it more trailer like. I really like the Speed Racer trailer. Fast and no voice over, tells the whole story with some dialogue clips and what not. Really pretty clever piece of advertising.

So the deal is to tell the whole story in 90 seconds, and just leave the cliffhanger on how it will all turn out.

Every line of dialogue has some vulgar slant to it, so well see what happens.

Synch agreements are in the mail, rock and roll.

Then knock together the dialogue list set to the timecode. If I could just sit and work  in one horrid one night stretch we might get somewhere with it.

Then there is chain of title, or copyright report if Im feeling all rich.

One bite at a time, thats how you eat a Zombeak.


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