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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

INT. BEATNIK BAR – NIGHT MONKIES in berets and turtle necks sit at
smoky tables and sip espresso. BEAT MONKEY walks on stage. BONGO MONKEY
on stage right taps out an intro. The crowd now silent. BEAT MONKEY
Vine hanging down Vine hanging low Vine caught Vine trip Vine don't fly
me away Vine wraps Vine ties Vine binds Vine cocoons Vine spider web
Red nose spider Suck'n me dry Taking insides outside Hair'n skin blows
away Vine won't be swinging me. Four winds be my ride I see skies high
The jungle low Shrinks green to brown Free of the vines I cloud to rain
Wash'n the poison From brother's eyes Spider falls Vine dies Bongo
Monkey taps his drum. All the monkeys in the audience snap their

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