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Monday, September 28, 2009

1. What do monkeys like to eat? - bananas, there is a giant war going
on right now where clowns have set up circuses in the jungle to harvest
bananas for their peels, they use them in their act. Monkeys hate this
because they are stripping the jungle they also like ant hills so maybe
they have one of those in a bowl vs a bowl of fruit

2. Do monkeys like flowers, or do they maim some other living thing to
stick in a vase for their personal viewing pleasure? - monkeys would
have a tasteful reminder of the jungle something that shows their
roots, I have seen monkeys have grass planted in bowls, and some like
sculpture that looks like clockwork as they are proud that they can use
tools, They also enjoy puzzles and blocks that they can stack,
something to fiddle with.

3. Do monkeys sit up straight and walk tall, or are they still swinging
around (does the kitchen need 'vines' or poles)? - these monkeys are
ambivalent about their old ways, proud of where their from and how far
they’ve come, but always trying to prove that they have evolved, and
hate it when clowns patronize them, always afraid of looking stupid,
but don’t “get” clowns, because their sense of humor is fetal. They do
walk with hunches still, but poles and monkey bars are for strip clubs
where some have been seen sneaking off to vent latent jungle memories.

4. Are monkeys vain? (ie: like mirrors) – monkeys are very vain and all
about appearing civil, and still pick nits out of each others hair.
They can get obsessive and stare and comb and pick. Some have that
neurosis of skin picking until they break the skin. They all have bugs
in their hair no mater what.

5. Do monkeys eat off of plates & w/ silverware? – plates, no
silverware, they are communal and always eating of each others plates.
They are touchy and always touching each other when communicating.
Clown hate that because it is all about the separation between
performer and audience.

6. Do monkeys cook??? – I imagine they are into a raw diet. So
preparation with stirring chopping and beating without much fire or
baking. They can use a microwave. They like watching the carousel move
the food in circles, it seems productive.

7. What's the weather like where the monkeys live (tropical?
mountain?)? – They are all over but congregate in cities since they
have all the jobs. They would like green and I can picture outside the
sliding glass door a porch looking out on mountains, so mountains, they
built cities on top of mountains.

8. Do monkey's recycle? – yes because they hate the frivolous and

9. Do monkey's wear shoes? (what will the floor be like...) No monkey’s
wear shoes, they would like a nice warm textured floor. Interesting

10. Do monkey's drink coffee? – Hell yes, and go to 1950’s beatnik
coffee bars and are major coffee snobs. They are paranoid about
anything but coffee being in their coffee.

10a. Do monkey's smoke? (just had to ask ;) Cigars. Cigerettes,
cigerellos, and constantly. They would have ashtrays everywhere.

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