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Monday, September 21, 2009

In this email chain is all the sites my awesome bro Jeff is going to be
sending our updates too!
and check out this crazy awesome
I'm meeting with them now on THrusday as Atlanta is currently
This film will be alot like being a kid, just pretending. All added
Goodnight Moon, any ever read it?
so good and I want the tone to be that of Goodnight Moon.
When in doubt, Goodnight Moon.
There are versions on Youtube but the best way is to read it real slow
and whispery to yourself.
Latah KillazSD

Date: Mon, Sep 21, 2009 at 12:50 AM
Subject: Re: Website list
To: Jeff Steel

Hey Jeff! this is awesome!
You can be ClownMonkey, as a user name, and create from there.The only
other site I can think of are
there are a few more I'll send later
Great WORK!
On Sun, Sep 20, 2009 at 3:24 PM, Jeff Steel
Submitted for your approval, are these fifty sites. The sites
are listed last as I encountered an issue whilst attempting to
register. It seems that the name SDROG and Sam Drog are both currently
in use for a few of them. Since the name is unalterable after registry
in most cases, I was wondering if you had any preferred alternate name
in mind. Let me know and I can go ahead and register on them real
quick. Also, for some sites there were multiple contact emails to
choose from, so I listed the page that lists them instead of choosing
one of them for this list.

Arrow in the head Evil on Two legs gutsandglory best-horrofilms
Osuary Indytalk (takes a long time
to load this one) Movieforums Hauntworld Horrorexpress The Horror Blog Zombo's closet of Horror Horror's not
dead The Vault of Horror The Horrorfeast forum Terrortube linked sites













Finally, I found this video funny, perhapes it will provide inspiration
for a gag or something I dunno, but figured you might enjoye it
***note from drog, funny stuff, but it is well documented that all
monkeys, not clowns, know kung fu***

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