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Friday, September 18, 2009

Ahoy Shipmates,
So this is how it will go,
The film is like a series of paintings, think of it as looking at a
gallery of 84 paintings that when taken all together tangentally tell
a story, or to be more precise gives you a vivid impression of this
alternate world.
Tracy - we should skip the "trace a photo approach" and just talk
about what the background should be for each sixty second scene. You
can frame it in your mind also as scenic backdrops. Loose lines and
loose color from the "darkside of the rainbow", greens, purples,
crimsons, blacks, and some panic colors. Also Google "Polish Movie
Posters", if nothing else for the emotion we are heading towards.
Mike - if an image comes to your head from the pages don't hesitate to
draw it, we are looking at two drawings a week, and anything you draw
will be inspirational and will make people more curious for the film.
The actual costumes will be details added to the base, a basic clown
and monkey with a few added details, and alot of post color
replacement and overlay. This is for budgetary reasons.
here's ten more things you should know about this world.
1. the clown cities have hot air baloons everywhere for mass
2. clowns also travel by hanging on to helium balloon bundles,
3. sometimes they put steel hooks into the end of the baloon strings
and stab them into the monkeys and send the monkeys into the sky. This
is displeasing to monkeys.
4. a huge industry is the contracting of torture shacks for monkeys by
monkeys, it is perfectly legal to torture a clown because...
5. a popular clown sport is to kidnap clowns and take them on huge
frivolous trips that serve no purpose. They will kidnap them and take
them out for ice cream and this will take years. Monkeys hate doing
anything frivolous...
6. Monkeys have all the jobs, clowns hate reality and want everyone to
stop working and watch their act. Monkeys want to be productive 24/7.
7. Clowns are devoted to the spiritual concept of discovering the
perfect joke inside them.
8. Clown babies are spiritual leaders because they are closer to that
initial spark of inspiration that inspires the perfect personal "set
9. Nirvana for a clown is when the punch line is the setup is the
punch line, intertwined and inseparable - homogenous, and called
10. If a clown dies on stage, produces no laughs from the audience,
they must commit suicide.
11. BONUS! The torture shacks are used to get info from the clowns on
where the kidnapped monkeys are. It is a patriotic duty to torture a
clown because a kidnapped monkey can't go to work and thus holds up

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