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Friday, September 18, 2009

The green screen will be used for 12 sessions and the seven minutes
will take five hours to do.

The movie will be shot in wide shots, one minute wide shots, that are
then zoomed in and cropped in post. It will be like looking at a
painting and the painting movies and we move in and look at the details.

I want the twins to act in it as well.

Any props and vehicles that we can not secure will be high contrast b/w
photo rips.

I will work from mikes drawings and he will work from my script. A
fluid idea exchange.

We will keep this situation fluid.

The script will be nonlinear and keep thinking nightmare.

I will write out the script one page at a time, one page per day.

People will have nightmares for 100 years after this comes out.

I will manifest the green screen and masks next.

I have a budget of 200 dollars for the clown and monkey faces. I will
have four monkey suits and four clown suits. The monkey suits will need
to be a hookable color, like the hot pink, and the clown suits will be
generic jump suits, also a hookable color.

Pink Monkey suits

Jump suits in four big bright chroma colors for super imposing. And the
masks will be two other hookable colors that can be changed later.

Before post, the clowns will look like skittles.

Yarkoni will do the back grounds, they will look like this!

I need those loose lines and and color bleeds.

Jeff will have the list of sites to market to ready by 9.30.09.


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