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Friday, December 03, 2004

the trailer is up!

So now the trailer is up and we have David Lindabury to think for that one. I feel great relief that this is done, so much so that I have switched to decaf and trying to live a more holistic lifestyle. Not really, but definitely switching to decaf.

The trailers appearance means that now there's not much more to do but, hmmmm.... FINISH THE MOVIE!!! I'm still at the thirty minute mark, just had to pause to get perspective, and there is a lot of stuff still to do. Let's make a list. I love lists.

1. finish the rough cut
2. get effect shots to the effect guys
3. sound effects
4. music
5. ADR

so there is still a lot to do, and once I have an opening theme song from the composer I can then get the title designer to whip up a pretty nice and nifty title sequence. I love title sequences, think Psycho, Re-animator. Man, I love title sequences.

So right now the obstacles are that I have a full hard drive and an external that is formatted to only accept files at 4 GB, and that stinks. So I would reformat this harddrive to get it to accept the larger files, but I have another project on it right now that I am waiting for the client to sign off on. Once I get his okay, then I can burn him a master dvd, erase his footage, reformat the harddrvie and then start loading the footage onto the external drive.

Also right now I am duping all the footage because I had this nightmare of spilling a coke on the tapes and having a nice big chunk of narrative taken from the movie. Yikes. We have a total of 21 hours of footage to sort through, we've done 7. I'm looking forward to doing the rest. A lot of the hard stuff is done. Some of the scenes are extremely complicated and I have finished those more or less. Of coarse it needs polishing and other crap, but I feel like the rest of the scenes will go pretty smoothly.

In other news, there is no other news, the switch to decaf has left me in a fog the last two days and tonight is a party that some of my wife's friends are throwing. Good people. How to cope though when all your personality comes from being overcaffinated? I can picture sitting in the corner and smiling at people having fun. I wish I had a clone I could send out on these social events.

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