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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

15 minutes

It's been a while. Holidays. Lots of loot. Return to Horror High. Hadn't seen it since 87. Hilarious 80 cheese. You can really see MPAA sanctions all over it. No real gore. All "just an illusion" stuff. Similar to April Fool's Day.

I'm editing 15 minutes of footage a day. At this rate I'll be done by the end of January. Yesterday I cut an expositional scene between Satanist and our Melissa. It's a funny scene. I actually covered it right. Surprise surprise.

Storyboards? You fight to stick with them but when time is kaput, you just cover the scenes the best you can with the time you have left. Storyboards are a luxury, but show a much grander vision of the film that isn't always practical. You write and draw the five million dollar version of the script, you shoot the reality (less then five million). The hope is that you put enough good ideas in the script that you can stand to loose some while shooting. I overwrite a bit, thinking, if I have ten good ideas and I loose half of them, five ideas is better then no ideas. Some will pop back up in the sequel or the obligatory remake coming Summer 2015.

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