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Monday, December 13, 2004


Okay, the dry throat of panic is upon me today for no particular reason. Just shaky hands and a scrambled mind. Yahoo! I'm in a position to just go ballistic, the film looms over me, and I know the only way to slay this bastard is to chop away at it one shot at a time. Everything is so quiet, time to blare some music and forget what I'm doing. Just 13 hours to go, then I can hand it off to the critics and start arranging the ADR sessions. Let the producers tear this apart and give me some notes for me to sulk over then eventually see if I can integrate them. MAN! Coo-coo!

Of all the parts of filmmaking, writing is the most fun. Though, while writing I can't wait to shoot, while shooting I can't wait to edit, and while editing I can't wait to write. I need a sedative.

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