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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Cold Tuesday

So I'm up, 7:41am. The goal today is to get another couple of minutes roughed out. Roughed out is the key word and what I am fixated on at this moment. We are doing a rough cut. It is roughed out. We're just getting the shots in their approximate places. I wish I could just start all over again. There are some scenes I spent way too much time on. Or not? Maybe those are just further along and I won't have to worry about them. I don't know.

I heard from Wes C. Yesterday. Neat. He's going to start working on the opticals once I get footage to him, of coarse I've been a real whore about the whole thing. I hate giving out footage. I'm getting too close to it. BUT I HAVE TOO! I have to get an emotional attachment to this movie so I can stand the next months of work. I have to love it more then any other material thing on the planet. And then, when it's ready, on the first screening, I'll let it go and let it do what it needs to do, be it hated or adored, once it is shown to the audience you have to let it go.

That's how it's gone before. Obsession, obsession, and then once you show it to the audience, it all goes away, and you start another to fill the hole.

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