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Sunday, December 05, 2004

plastic tree

On the movie front, got another 15 minutes of footage in the computer yesterday. I started to cut it up, it feels like being a butcher, chopping up a big fat cow, whittling it down into steaks.
Mainly working on a reaction shot of someone getting mauled by the chicken. Lots of fun, and then there are like two complete scenes in the rest of this section. So it should be easy to cut that up.

Today on the personal front we are putting up the fake plastic tree and lighting it up and playing Christmas music on the radio. It would be great but all I want to do is write and drink coffee. Digging through old boxes and untangling lights, once again triggers my allergic response to exertion.

Probably nothing will get done on the movie today, but Monday starts the work week and we will crack at it again tomorrow.

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