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Monday, March 16, 2015

My Actual Life: 2015 - Week 11/53

- Back in the routine this week, no pager, got some drawings done.

- Took kids to park at Abernathy Greenway, the most ridiculous park in the world. It's like a sculpture garden that is supposed to double as a playground. It is right by a major road, so lots of exhaust and traffic sounds to add to the over all air of industrial oppression. My kids kicked around for a bit, and then frustrated, screamed at me, "How's is this supposed to be fun!?!"

Most kids sat at the base, defeated.

The horror.

You climb this cool spider thing to find NOTHING!
No slide, no base in the middle. It's a big tease!

The swings are cool, if your kid's really into Clive Barker.

Hours and hours of conceptual fun!

That was the only different thing that happened. We went to get fro-yo. We did have Aunt Angela come in this weekend and she bought nachos for everyone. I spent Saturday sleeping and watching movies. The Sacrament, good but depressing. Universal Soldier: Days of Reckoning, bad but somehow I didn't turn it off. Good fight scenes. Harmontown, funny doc about the guy who created the show Community, funny, and also interesting how self obsessed we all are and how desperate we are to be understood, find a social niche we fit into. I mean whatever, when you're twenty I suppose.

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