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Sunday, March 08, 2015

Best Shot: Phase IV - 1974

So what if you gave the guy who made the awesome title sequences to Psycho and North By Northwest a chance to make a whole movie? Well, you'd get Phase IV, a movie about killer ants. But it's not like a Bert I. Gordon killer ant movie. These ants out think you and make you die from shame. Or something. The movie has some nature run a muck trappings, but it is really a cold, slow, thoughtful peace of early 70s sci-fi. I really love it. What I love most is where Bass didn't have any humans around with their messy emoting and could just show the ants in the ant hill. That stuff is the best. Here the super smart ants have lined up their fallen dead. I mean "wow", right? It's like a guy who does food ad photography made a horror movie!

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