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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Best Shot: War of the Worlds - 2005

This movie has its haters, but golly gosh I really love it. Now I know this frame may not be that impressive, but the shot it inhabits is. First it is about 3 minutes of info being dumped at the audience, just piled on the audiences lap, but you don't mind because of all the cinematic razzle dazzle going on. The car is barreling down a highway, dodging hundreds of stranded motorists, in the drizzling rain, while the camera rotates 360 degrees around it, going into the car, back out, around and around, while it also dodges cars and debris. There is so much going on in this shot, I get a nosebleed thinking about how you start to breaking down the ridiculous amount of logistics to grab it. The shot shows what you can do when you got the money and all the best people working for you, including John Williams giving such a great soundtrack. The track for this shot is "Escape from the City", and listening to it on my commute makes everything epic.

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