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Monday, March 09, 2015

My Actual Life: 2015 - Week 10/53

Here's some stuff that went on. Because I will remember none of it. In five years it will give me a suggestion of this week.

1. Cameron wrote me his first letter, telling me to remember to poop during the day. Not a big deal to anyone, but for Cameron to finally be picking this stuff up is a big deal for me.

2. He drew me an awesome picture of a robot.

3. We got through the Katie Becket renewal process. 3rd year in a row, and every year is a struggle.

4. Abbie thrives on telling on Cameron. She is so excited to tell me about his bad behavior when I get home.

5. Did some drawings this week. Working on a comic that was free form panels, just drawing pictures and coming up with some narration to tie them together. Sounds awesome? It's not. Hate them. They feel to self indulgent. My next comic is going to be Volcaniac!

6. On Pager Duty. First rule of Pager Duty, you don't freaking talk about it. Bad vibes! But having the air card saved me this weekend.

7. I have a smart phone now so the little attention span I had is gone.

8. Played with the kids all day on the trampoline on Saturday. Sunday I could barely move.

9. Cameron calls Captain D's "Fish'n'Sticks", which is a great name for a made up restaurant.

10. Sarah could be a gym teacher.

11. Harve Bennett and Albert Maysles died. Harrison Ford wrecked his plane, but walked away.

12. Steph had some great clients, business is steady. People are giving up smoking.

13. My beloved Movie Meltdown podcast has fallen on hard times. I and a few others donated to get them a new computer, but alas things are looking grim.

14. Borrowed a Micrograph pen from a friend at work. It was nice, but Sharpie has my soul bought and paid for. I like pen nibs, then brushes, then felt tips. But it is too hard to have an open jar of ink while I doodle in the car between gigs.

15. Movies I watched:
Eddie Pepitone: In Ruins" - Awesome, big fan now.
Improv Documentary - meh
The Disbelievers - Do they have to be assholes too?
Mortified Nation - Awesome
Trance -  Fell asleep, rented it for Steph and she hated it. Hypnosis portrayed as super dangerous.
Gone Girl - 4/5 - Pretty great, like a dark parody of marriage.
Spring Breakers - 2.5/5 -  I liked the experimental side of it, but after a while I wanted it to get on with it. My eyes still hurt from all the day glow.
The Gates - 2.5/5, started awesome but then just became about looking at the sheets blowing around.

16. Took Abbie and Steph to the WaHo on Monday and we ate till we blacked out.

17. Sunday, took Cameron out on the town. Went to BBQ, Roswell Mill (which is a trail by an old mill), and then WaHo for pie.

18. When Abbie pretends to be sick and I check her, I'll say, "How's your ears?", and in a pitiful voice she will answer, "Not good." "How's your throat?" "Not good." And so on.

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