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Monday, February 23, 2015

Best Shot: E.T. - 1982

Okay, I know this is called Best Shot, but E.T. was a big big big deal to me growing up so I couldn't pick one shot. Officially, the shot above is my favorite. The wall of adults coming to ruin your life.

But how can you not mention this! I have no idea why they sent in the astronauts, but the idea of astronauts invading your house is so surreal I can't help but to love it. I love that they walk slowly like they are in low gravity and growl like monsters.

What I love most about E.T. is that it plays differently for me as an adult than it did for me as a kid. I side with the adults now. It's sick and sad but I do. As a kid I saw those doctors as hurting E.T. and Elliot, not working frantically to save them. The character Keys, above, was the main heavy, and the most evil of the evil adults, because he was trying to snatch E.T. Well now I see him as Elliot all grown up, doing the best he can to help the alien. It's a weird thing were he can go to his childhood self to tell him thank you for taking such good care of the dream he had never let go of.

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