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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Best Shot: Escape from New York - 1981

Here is the shot that stays with me from EfNY. Snake has just found the President's tracker on a hobo and his escape pod empty. Now in the middle of a REALLY bad neighbor hood and out of ideas, he sits to think about what to do next, and contemplate the mess he is in. For Snake to show a moment of  despair and indecisiveness really adds to his character. As much as he plays the tough guy, you get the feeling of his humanity here. He is captured and wounded and beaten and taken advantage of the whole movie. He is steel, but not in the uberhuman way of the modern action stars. Compare this to The Expendables or any Jason Statham movie where they never show for a moment the man beneath the hero.

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1 comment:

Jayson Hammett said...

I know. You never get to see todays heros act....well like a human.