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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ten Random Thoughts on Oblivion!


1. Like sitting in a waiting room and flipping through Wired magazine, an issue of National Geographic, and an Ikea catalog.

2. I know it's hard to not drench your movie in Stanley Kubrick 2001 fan drool when making a serious science fiction flick, but I would love to see someone try.

3. I kept wondering if this movie had anything to do with Scientology. Like was this some disguised tract, like Cruise is handing them out at the mall or something. Who knows. I know nothing about Scientology. But that's what I kept thinking. It's a long movie.

4. His space suit looks like footy pjs.

5. I loved how everyone was just sitting around waiting for Tom Cruise to validate and or save them. Everybody just sits on their hands waiting for Tom to show up and get it done. I suppose he is Tom Cruise. 

6. Positive reinforcement time! Good job on all the industrial design stuff. Awesome detail and you could see all the inner workings. It was total gadget porn.

7. There are some twisteroos that I didn't see coming. If you take them to the logical conclusion, you could wind up with a giant mess, but we really don't want to mess with that right? This is heady sci-fi, but ya know, let's not get carried away.

8. I have never seen a post human earth like this. Really neat idea. Not just your typical ghost town with weeds growing in the street cracks.

9. Morgan Freeman looks great in goggles.

10. I want one of those swimming pools.

SHOW STOPPER! There's a shot that tracks a robotic drone through the set of Alien 3. It was neat. 

SHOW STOPPER 2!! That poster up there. Am I right? Come on. That is sexy.

How's the title sequence? It's all at the end and very pretty. But I was ready to leave.

Final Thought: This director is making the Black Hole remake. He keeps making movies that I want to see and this is strike two. I saw both his movies on opening weekend. He makes total geek bait. But both this and Tron 2 are pretty to look at but after 30 minutes you just want to go home and wash clothes or something.

PAIRS WELL WITH: American Beauty. I don't know why. Both are stories about everyday Joes caught in a rut and trying to buck the status quo to regain a feeling of belonging that they have lost. Just ruined the movie, didn't I.

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