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Friday, April 12, 2013

Rash Ramblings - Antiviral!

Long live the new Cronenflesh!

Do you remember when eXsistenZ came out and that awesome scene happened when Jude Law ate the fish and then turned the fish bones into a gun? Remember that warm feeling you got and just sat back in your movie chair and grinned and stepped out side your body, looked around and felt peace, inner peace because all was right in the world. Cronenberg is being freaky and there is balance in the universe.

So now David has gotten all that bio-horror out of his system, and who can blame him. After Videodrome, there is nothing more you can do with it. I would have retired after Videodrome. That movie ruins all bio horror, everything is "kinda like Videodrome" after that. Cronenberg owns the market. Or he did. Now he makes SMART IMPORTANT movies for SMART IMPORTANT people. That's great. Go for it. But sometimes I just want to see someones face pop open and a bunch of rubber snakes jump out.

With all that out in the open, I am thrilled that Antiviral is getting a little release in theaters. Son of Cronenberg has taken the terrible childhood that came from being Son of Cronenberg and redirected all those embarrassing moments into a film career.

You think your childhood was rough? Can you imagine what being raised by David "look into my skin gap" Cronenberg must have been like? Never inviting friends over. Never getting too close to people. Talking about your home life and watching people's faces go grey and slack as they slowly slink away. And not to mention when you hit puberty and David Cronenberg is up to bat to tell you what sex is all about. Nightmares upon nightmares.

I am happy that Brandon Cronenberg was released from the mental institution long enough to make a movie. Maybe he will be allowed to make a few more before the voices and dream monsters crowd out his field of vision. Doing this stuff can be therapeutic. I hope making these movies gives him some peace.

I can't wait to see it.

One last thought, does he run up to Dad Cronenberg with a DVD and go, "Look what I made! It's all your fault! Look what you did to me!"


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