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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Talk Myself into It

Sarah is eating her eggs like a dog, won't be able to do that one day, when she is a dignitary at Dragon Con so I'll let it go. We all eventually are beaten into the mold so I'll let her enjoy it while she can.
Cameron is watching some show about talking animals, is on a mountain of pillows and two blankets, he looks like a sheik. I expect him to clap his hands and belly dancers will come swarming in.
My brain is starving this morning, and need something to attach itself to, but I need to do this without moving as my body feels like it's been beaten with a stick. I have some weird eye thing going on where it looks like an insect has taken a bite out of the lower lid. Maybe I'll get superpowers now.
We got one of Steph's recordings up on line and the store working, so that happened yesterday; today I'm finishing the "game addiction" recording and will be getting it on line. Steph wants stuff up by Tuesday as that is when the book expo is going down and it would be great if people could go to her site and see she has products.
Sarah wants me to take her to the library today as she wants to read more about whales and sharks. She said she forgot how they move. A load of questions lately.
-What does spectacular mean?
-how is cheese made?
-how is shredded cheese made?
-sliced cheese?
-what are bacteria?
-what is a microscope?
-what does blood do?
It's a pretty day but I will need a pot of coffee before I can get the flow to go out into it. I really could just sleep another 12 hours.
My father in law Paul was in a play over the weekend as Soldier Number 2. This man has that "thing" that actors have that has always baffled me where they can suspend themselves and become something else. He loves the theater and if I could cast him in something that wouldn't get him arrested I would. Maybe he'll do some voices for CVM. But I'm saying he comes alive when he is a show. It is in his blood. He went to school at the Pasadena Playhouse, where he got a lot of accolades and has told me about the night all the actors went out and shaved Sid Haig's head because he was going into the military or staying out, I don't remember. But years later at Dragon Con I let him borrow my badge so he could go say hey, and Haig was all like, "So. What do you want? Buy an autograph."
I could now make a list of the million things I need to do today. But do I really want to fill up my brain to the point of mania and paralysis. I think I'll let it all come as it does. A plan is just a list of things that don't happen. The beginning of the day can be like a big blank page when you have writers block. Too many possibilities. So it's best to just start writing and let God, or the biographers, apply meaning to it later. We'll fix it in post. That will be my mantra today. Fix it in post.

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