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Monday, May 24, 2010

Good Morning Planet Earth.

So here we go. First day I've felt like a human being in a while. Feel all walking upright and what not. Not picking nits or throwing poo. Speaking of that, Cameron is going into pull ups. Should be an interesting transition. Training this fundamental skill can be an adventure, but I am putting out the expectation that it will go alright and the house will not end up resembling the padded cell from "Quills".

Cameron is all about hide and seek these days, and TV cartoons, and drinking white milk, and eating as much as possible as fast as possible. Sarah is all about sports and karate and beating me up. Steph is all about hypnotism and making Benjamins. I'm all about clowns, monkeys, and coffee, and sanity, and seeing horror flicks, and so its status quo with me.

Tomorrow night is producer night or writers night, can't remember, at the blank stage, and that is going to rock. It's a nice place to strategize how to get this movie stuff done, and everyone is an expert in their own areas. Since my area is clowns and monkeys and killer chickens, I think I bring a needed perspective to the table. I try to come out when possible, but with karate girl and destructo-bot at the house constantly hanging on Hypnosteph, it is sometimes impossible. And sometimes my head is about to split open and free the electric eels that reside within so best just to stay home in that case.

Last Sat, working coffee, the line of caffeine deprived suburbanites began to resemble locusts in North Face jackets. I wanted to wrap my head in steel mesh and swat them away. But that would have caused them to swarm. It is like being in a zombie movie some days, these lurching hordes stumbling in, Brains brains brains, and then you fix them and they scamper away. it is like the cookout scene in the first Night of the Living Dead.

other news, we are so behind on Clown Versus Monkey compositing that it is starting to nag at me. There will be time taken off from the cube to catch up. Halloween X edition has to happen, because how many times can you put out a Halloween X edition. Not too often. Once in a hundred years I suppose. So it is like the Zombeak premiere on 6/6/6, where the movie was in post for another year, but I had to show something on that night, because if you can, do.

CVM, the goal in the next few days will be to get prop list out to Cory and his mysterious friend, and to get a mime look going for the mime that gets slaughtered. Mime slaughtering should be in every movie. Oh and I have a clown mask being donated to the project, one with three faces, which is perfect as there is a concept where clowns that eat other clown's brain hamsters grow new faces to provide a voice to these inspirations. Manifested.

I finished a book recently on a dad who let his son quit school if he agreed to watch three movies with him a week. I don't know if I will ever be that cool of a dad. I will prob put the kid in an alternative school before I resorted to this.  The kids are growing so quickly, and there is gray in my beard now and in my hair. This is the roller coaster. A day is a week, and a week is a month, and a month is a season, and a season is a year.

So we got to come up with a daily mantra. Put that in the background.

Today I am executing codes, like a hitman, pop pop pop. You dead codes. No mercy. The bureaucracy at work. The faceless cold hand of big brother. Pop pop pop. There will be spontaneous demonstrations of gratitude and joy toward the new policies implemented by the ministry of thought. Pop pop pop.

The group M.I.A is prob the closest thing to a sound track I have found for the new flick (working title) Dead Hooker Holocaust. But last night I was watching Black Hawk Down on cable and the level of detail and prolonged mania, and just all the dirt and blood and insanity in that movie, the putting your face into the madness and leaving it there, that will be stirred into the mix on this one. We will need a budget, but if we did it hand held, and made it look like an old school Abel Ferrera movie, it may be possible without going into debt, or bankrupting someone with a used car lot.

I do need street dancing clowns on this one who can use Katanas.

And massive amounts of bullet holes. We will be courting Renonda Anderson on this, who we clicked well with on Brent Brooks short film No Experience Necessary and who I wanted for CVM before it came clear that the movie was going to be purely conceptual and cut and pasted together. She would be a good fit with this, she did dead chicks for Brent already.

Re grouting/caulking the tub continues. Every episode of this old house has turning into a 13 episode season. It is like the old guy Tim Conway played on Carol Burnet recaulking the tub. I don't see how people did this pre internet. Now it is blah blah type it up and step by steps pop up and you just do it. I guess that was why we had time life books going on back then.

Survival of the Dead comes out this Friday, it is already on VOD, which is a way to see it, but it would be in sucky non letterboxed vision. And in the theater, that is really the only way to go if you are to do Romero. But I got to admit, the trailer looks like crap. But Diary really has its detractors, and I LOVED it. So I'm pretty much Romero's little monkey and when he grinds the organ I can't help but to dance. Zombies riding horses would be annoying any other time, but Romero we let it go. He is in his 70s, and can you imagine having a grandfather who made zombie riding horse films. You kinda gotta say, "all good all good".

Tonight we'll be uploading GAME ADDICTION up on stephs e-store. Anyone who is powerless to control their need to save Zelda could benefit from this. For me, once they added more than one red button and removed the joystick, I was out of the loop. So this, like Harry Potter and Lord of the RIngs is another cultural obsession that I have to sit out and watch the entire planet have the time of their lives. Freaking video games, no one invited me :(

Favorite new thing. The anti-meth commercials. I love these scary freaky commercials with teens covered in their own sick and scratching their faces off. I think if I was a preteen and saw these, I would be ready to write love on my arm and run as far away from any glass pipe that came my way. But I think most preteens are already on drugs, prescribed by their docs. Adderall and what not. BUT, that may be me getting older, I assume everyone is on drugs. Cracked out drug fiends on the make for cheap thrills and cheaper kicks. Get off my lawn hippie!

Mantra -should be something about foam. I was feeling like that thing at the end of Akira the other day. Just expanding and filling the room. I was thinking about how it is usually all about being an emaciated fetus, afraid to touch the walls of the womb, so always shrinking back until you become a shriveled raisin thing, but maybe the other way, the end of Akira way could be a change of pace. Get all huge and fill the room. Mighty nice thinking train.

More about toilet training, they should make the diapers biodegradable and filled with tomato seeds. Bury the diaper in your yard and a tree or watermelon plant is born. I think I saw a skit on SNL about it. But it is a good idea, regardless if Adam Sandler came up with it.

Zombeak, Tanya York at York Ent. posted that they had a good year at Cannes this time out, so does it bode well for Zombeak? Enquiring minds want to know. Via email or rain of balloons spontaneously raining from the ceiling.

Another thing that I never got the invite, freaking 30 Rock. Love the Fey, but that show is not funny. But it sure is a party every week, filled with colorful faces of the best and brightest the system has to offer. But for me it is one of those "ah" versus "ha". maybe that's the point. Maybe I should be coyly amused by it versus actually laughing out loud. Oh how clever you are 30 Rock. And who declared Robert Downey Jr. patron saint of brilliant acting?!? What happened? Has the world lost its mind?!?! Is he talented. Of course he is. Is he freaking Marlon Brando!? Yes he is according to James Lipton. But with all this salivating leading up to Iron Man, which was cool, but you know, cool is cool and not transcendental, not a game changer was Iron Man, now we have Sherlock Freak'n Holmes that gives us a twitched out murmuring click fest that is hailed as super great. I like Robert Downey Jr. I just wish John Turturro had been canonized instead. Color me bitter.

I'm starting to get that steel wire feeling that goes into the back of my neck and into my lower brain. BE GONE BRAIN WIRE!


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