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Friday, May 28, 2010

Clown Versus Monkey Day 6 prep

Weekend, lot to do. Create mime for Sunday. Easy. Mime wears death shroud over face and tape over mouth. Skin bleeding though the shroud. Red death in black and white. May need beret to sell the mimeness.


Create shooting script. Chop up the script, tape back together in shooting order. Done at my desk today. Make stuff list to bring to set. Short list, everything but clown and monkey suit are added later. Pick up monkey suit from Sass. Call him, run by. Send Nathan, Jimmy Lee directions.


Shooting Sunday. Saturday we see parents,  Jayson’s new baby, celebrate his and stepson’s birthday. Dropping kids at mothers. Head home.


Showing personal all time favorite movie downtown, Carnival of Souls. Freaking 35mm! Stage show performs before, dancing girls to sweeten pot for people uninterested in 50 year old movie. Night before a shoot, uncommitted. Out of cash. Hit Coinstar.


Shoot day. Up at six. Hit Starbucks. Sit, make plan, have list of needed things. EEEEvil Wal-Mart next door. Run there. Snatch supplies. Food/drink. Food/drink the primary expense on project. Actors are friends come to help you move, should be treated to food/drink, finer things.


Everything in trunk. Giant Rubbermaid bins. Drive to studio. Hand truck it in, turn on lights, set up camera, wait for actors. They arrive at noon, get dressed. Shoot monkey then clown. Actor reads script off camera, other performs monkey, then vice versa. In beginning, prerecorded audio for scenes. Technical pain keeping inhuman CD synched up. Read it slowly, sped up, and altered in editing. Very specific looped movements like video game. Artificial. Zen. Basic movements characters do. Nothing wasted. No Redundancy. Movements rougher then reality. Stunted.


Shoot both sides. Packing, moving out at 4pm. Shooting 10 pages/day. Fast, no reality. No time for reality. No spending two years making animation. Collision. Hated on Zombeak time dictated what was added. Go go not cry cry. Now as need presents itself, as element becomes available, we add it. World doesn’t revolve around my time schedule, we add the peaces as they happen. In this format we can do it.


Script Dead Hooker Holocaust coming. Process: Movie I would rent if based on the title alone? DDH came from that. Random stream of consciousness draft. Undefined, inconsistent, filled with holes, characters disappearing/reappearing/changing names/changing sides, violence, action, gags. 80 page steaming pile, pick for certain ideas that came out during process. Now basic outline based on boring three act structure conventions. Write key scenes on pages, what happens on intervals, then smaller intervals, then fill in gaps. Deep outline on second pass.  Uncommon method, each screenplay has its own. Method is boring, like talking about television sitcoms. Irrelevant to anyone not there.


Dream last night, going well, nice dream, then townsfolk kicked in the door, announced Pandemic hit. People dying. Seven neighborhood people already dead. Take everyone to holding station. Get off streets. Corralling militias. Scary as actually happening. Pandemics wiping out populations keep me twitching. 80’s child, nuclear war bothers. Biological warfare, air poisonous, convulse, die. Parasites. Designer suits killing millions, the fear that parents will kill you, eat the young so more meat at table. One ear is listening for rolling sirens. Thinking what if I feel a boom/shake somewhere because someone dropped the bomb on Dollywood. Impotent concerns, disempowering, to be quelled, Dream left me neurotic about these again. Big believer in self fulfilling prophecy, quantum physics where it doesn’t exist until observed. Movies killed Freddy by drawing the energy away. The genius of that movie.



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