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Thursday, May 27, 2010

no rest for the wicked



Don't sit on the eggs, you need to be throwing those eggs and seeing what sticks. What are ya, a mother hen, are you in the coop, there is no basket to put all the eggs in anyway. you can't take the non basket with you. sitting on eggs goes nowhere, an egg forms, I know exactly how to cook it, or at least the next three steps ahead, which is all you need, but then I pet it, I hoard it, I become Golem and sit with my Precious and pet and gloat and obsess, when the egg is like this little Umpa Lumpa that could be out there running for you, splattering and changing one thing, and changing one thing changes everything.


It feels like a chicken coop in here. Hunt and pecking at the keyboards.


Office building are created only to fund the Chinese takeout industry. The world runs on duck sauce.


Yesterday I wrote a long tirade about the Cameron incident that quickly descended into a diatribe against humanity so I am keeping that one in the unicorn diary instead of creating a Karma-Rang of bad mojo by publishing it. All that rage rendered impotent in a snitty letter to myself. That outta do it.


But Steph wrote a letter and sent it to corporate. Inward vs. outward.


The gym is completely changing the system over at the day care to keep the kids from cracking through the boarders, so thus betta things come from incompetence. It is like the soul from which good things grow. See exhibit a: Zombeak.


Speaking of filmmaking (financing), it really is a screwed up system, best to ignore it and just reinvent the wheel as the wheel is prehistoric, and the cavemen are all dead, and they didn't have facebook accounts. Some old monkey invents the wheel and we are just supposed to sit back and go, "good, done. Nap time for humanity." Probably. but best to just go in there and shake it up just for the hell of it. Just to piss off the wheel builders.


Funny thing about the website building, like many things, I learned something way past the stage of irrelevance. I should have learned VCR repair instead. While learning web design Steph went out and hopped on Wordpress and made a very nice site for Hypnosteph all by herself using the tutorials. I'm proud of her but also damnit. But no, not dam nit, it put me head first into a lot of programs I wouldn't have had the discipline to teach myself on my own so all good. Starting your own web biz however is really cool for people living in 1998. So Go Joe.


Kevin Costner needs to hurry up and fix the Gulf of Mexico.


Talked to Seth Hancock the other day about stuff and we laughed about the movie Blade and how late 90s it all is, and he said he used to be able to tell you what music was typical of the period, but in the last five years or so he has lost touch and couldn't tell ya now. And I agreed, but for me it was about 96 I lost whatever touch I had on the "sound of the day", but working coffee you always hear what the monoliths are pushing so I told him for a long time it sounded like every band was Radiohead, who was someone I listened to in 96 but who I really can't take much of now. I tend to agree with Clueless that it sounds like cry baby college rock. And the other day I was listening to the oldies station, 99x, which has become tolerable now that they aren’t pimping the freeloader cards anymore, and this White Stripes song came on called "No Rest For the Wicked", and I was like of how nice for them. And then they announced it was some new band, and I went Whaaa? and they have a new album out with twelve versions of the same song with twelve different titles. Wha? and so I predict every band in the next two years will sound like White Stripes.


I'm just glad the whole "every band sounds like Limp Biscuit" thing is over. But really thank God for the internet otherwise I wouldn't listen to anything but the hum of white noise.


Zombeak was mentioned on a British website today, and it seems like a legit site that actually has articles about other things then cult films, so shocker. Now it was only mentioned in the comments section for a movie called Birdemic (jealous of the great title) so I instantly shot the link over to the Duchess of York, posted it on facebook, the blog, the tweet, the fan page, signed its name across my heart. And is all that narcissistic? It feels that way but until the day comes that I can walk into a some retailer or Blockbuster down the road and hold in my hands a copy of Zombeak, I will continue to cheerlead this project because it is my duty and my promise to myself and the cast crew, to take it as far as it will go. And you have to be a bit of a self promoting whore to get your name out there, even John Carpenter put his name over the title of all his movies. Be a whore, you'll last longer. Considering the movie has an advertising budget of ZERO! any song and dance I can do I probably should.


lots of new art yesterday for Clown Versus Monkey, posted up and working on the online store. Anyone who wants to contribute art to the movie is welcome to, it is an 80/20 split in favor of the artist. Out of my 20% cut I put half to the monkey charity and half to finance the operation. So if you want to draw back grounds/ monkeys/ clowns/ images from the script/ monkeys and clowns fighting/ whatever/ let me know, you send me the image and I stick it on a coffee mug/ t-shirt/ duffle bag on the zazzle store and what ever happens happens but beifits you /me / the movie /monkeys /and art in general. We still need more background artists, so if you want to get in on it, get in on it.




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