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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

update on school and post starbucks!

Really quick, no time!

Getting Adobe Master Suite tonight, it has all the goodies, and then some, most excited about sound booth that with a flip of a switch can wipe out some of the sound pops left in the Zombeak soundtrack, just for my own satisfaction, also encore that can do rad dvd authoring, and all the web design programs I need, so BLAMO!

Class last night was radical, people from all walks of life, I was so hyped I took notes on their personalities, like writing out a cast of characters. When it came time to tell the class a little bit about myself, I rambled on and on, even when I told myself I wouldnt, I basically talk until people look terrified, and then I close it up abruptly, thats my g-style.

I was most excited about drinking robot machine coffee. THAT WAS NOSTALGIC!

Went into a Starbucks and they where snots. I no longer have the stink on me. I miss the stink (or I will one day).

Lead singer of the CRAMPS is dead, and really quick, no one was ever as libidinous as this guy, fathers hide your daughters! The dude was a walking talking rocking out boner. And Surfing Dead is what the world is all about. Nothing at the picture show when youre dead. Return of the Living Dead, best end credits ever because of that song, perfection on a roll. No one doing this type of thing nowadays, all we have now is fn Mudvayne!



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