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Friday, February 13, 2009

stuff and stuff stuff

Moments before the weekend, and tonight homework instead of Starbucks, and that is alright!

Ill stop by to pick up the last round of tips, see how that went, see how everyone is dealing with life, pick up a large Iced Americano, get my wire.

Thoughts on Crank 2.

        The trailer may have changed my mind. I thought the first one was perfect in its moronic overdrive attitude, it thought it was cooler then it was, but had a go for broke, screw it, lets goof off and make a movie quality. The ending though was my favorite thing in the world, and to ruin that ending with a tacked on sequel, BAD BAD BAD.

Trailer looks good though. Absolutely retarded. And when they make a direct to video part 3 with Oliver Grunner, I will plunk down 9.99 for the trilogy box set.

Friday 13 reboot.

        Man in hockey mask is always good. And it aint like Sean Cunningham wont get paid. If hes happy then Im happy. The choice is between corporate glossy hockey mask, or no hockey mask at all. Jason Vs Freddy ruled, so Im pretty indiscriminate when it comes to F13. If I can survive part 8, I can survive this.

Trailers on my mind.

This weekend Im going to hide out and write while steph is going out to get a message, the kids are going to a friends, then a movie and some hanging around. Three chaps of homework due on Monday. But that is all fun. Will be posting all sorts of goofy art on this blog as I learn how to work this stuff.


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