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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Starbucks Countdown

This is my last week at Starbucks. It was decided that it would be crazy to do the two jobs and school so something had to go.
I've been spinning my wheels for the last three years, trying to keep the ship afloat, and I have no concept of what it is like to just chill and enjoy life. Always on the clock, and when not, trying to get one project finished and the next one started. Meanwhile kids are getting big and there is this odd woman living in the house that says I'm married to her. Hmmm... trying to remember.
So this class is going tobe 26 hours a week they warn. Intense intense intense is what they kept saying at the orientation. I've backed up all my files to reformat the harddrive, and will be picking up a software package this week to crank it up on Monday.
Saturday is last night making coffee (that I can predict).
So I pulled my first espresso shot in 99. And when I said that the other day, it freaked me out. But there you go! So I have a decade of corperate coffee behind me, and enough annoying things happened that it would make a nice play. I picture surreal interpretations of stuff that went on.
I'm looking forward to learning something where I only have to work one job, and have more time for family and chicken.
kicken it old school, as I am want to do.

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